How to Resolve Verifone vx Series Terminal’s Software Glitch

Verifone vx series terminals have been experiencing a software glitch as of last Sunday May 26, 2019. The terminal does not display the main screen that displays SALE rendering the terminal inoperable; the screen changes back and forth between two screens that display “Verifone Copyright …” to “Starting VMAC…”. You may think the terminal is blown out and needs to be replaced. The good news is it is not and this problem has a quick fix. Save your money! 🙂

The quick fix:

Call the tech support and ask them to help you add the following new parameters, also called variables, in Group 1:

Parameter: *DHEAP

Value=0 (Zero)

Parameter: #CZE


Restart the terminal.

For a visual guide on the above instructions, click here.

That is all you have to do. The entire process will take only about two minutes from when you press F2 and F4 simultaneously to access the inside brain. As soon as you reboot the terminal by pressing Restart, the SALE screen is displayed rendering the terminal operable again.

Good luck!

Resolving Verifone vx Series Software Glitch

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