Level 3 (III) transactions for businesses on large amounts require more information in order to avoid additional charges. Nearly all manufacturing, government, B2B, and otherwise any company that process large transaction amounts can most definitely benefit. These transactions use mostly special corporate- and government-issued credit cards. Savings are possible only with the use of a special gateway/virtual terminal, not a regular credit card terminal.

There will be no need to re-enter data on every single transaction time after time.

Tokenization of credit card information within the secure PCI compliant environment ensures security against data breach.

Level 3 (III) is a highly specialized field that few merchants acquirers and sales professionals know much about.

EFT Direct is a nationally recognized expert in this area and can offer the right solution(s) to your organization without compromising existing operational and accounting processes. Best of all, our automated white-labeled invoicing solution increases your cash flow by allowing your customers to pay you in an automated and easy fashion. Transaction and invoice data can be easily integrated into and sync with QuickBook as well as SAP- and Oracle-based accounting software.

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