EFT Direct provides high risk merchant (credit card) processing to businesses in all countries that find it hard to impossible to secure a processor. We use domestic and offshore processors. Some industries include, but are not limited to, adult and dating services, escort services, multi-level marketing, ammunition and guns, bail bonds, collection, credit repair, auto rentals, call centers, attorneys, computer hardware and software, cosmetic surgery, custom design products, custom jewelry sales, diet, door-to-door sales, eCommerce, direct marketing, education, gun shops, human growth hormone (HGH), online gambling, online gaming, hair restoration, high volume merchants, high ticket sales, infomercial, insurance, investment products, massage parlors, membership clubs, nutraceuticals, rare coin shops, pawn shops, seminars, telecom, telemarketing, ticket sales, timeshare, travel, used auto, vitamin products, water filtration systems, web hosting design and marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), weight loss centers, and more.

If you have been placed on Terminated Merchant File (TMF) or Member Alert to Control High Risk Merchants (MATCH), we may be able to help depending on the reason you were placed on the list for.

We understand the complexities in high risk merchant processing very well. Although no company can guarantee the results, we try our absolute best to find your merchant account a home. We evaluate your situation and offer the best solution(s) that match your specific needs. If you have been turned down elsewhere, we understand your frustration. We guarantee that we will not abuse your trust and will not use your difficult situation to your disadvantage. We are interested in a long-term business relationship with you. 

Summary of Offering

  • Merchants can process both domestically and internationally
  • Integrated fraud detection and prevention solutions
  • Multi Currency Conversion: process in any country and get funded in your currency of choice
  • Our banks underwrite specifically for higher risk merchants
  • Rather than using typical merchants, we use High-volume and unconventional merchants
  • Our service is prompt and courteous, therefore you will get immediate answers
  • Multiple acquirers, processors and third party service providers combine for unique payment solutions
  • Gateway / Non-Gateway solutions with easy API integration
  • Multiple merchant IDs available for single merchants
  • Load balancing solutions available via in-house or third-party software
  • We can determine and provide the best applicable solutions for the same merchants and vendors.
  • Integration with Commerce technology providers helps us create seamless solutions for niche industries.
  • Increase approvals with global merchant acquirers to process transactions in regions of the world where credit cards are issued.
  • Referral Programs Available

We believe EFT Direct is THE single source for ALL high risk merchant accounts.

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