We offer check guarantee and ACH services for auto dealers (new and used, service, parts, COD, Wholesale), furniture, retail, phone order, mail order, healthcare, and most other businesses at competitive rates.

In 2016, shoppers spent billions of dollars on products and services by writing personal and business checks, and many still prefer writing checks than using credit or debit cards. Consumers also write checks when they exhaust their credit limit on their credit cards.

Many businesses accept checks because of lower cost than accepting credit cards.

For non-auto dealers, EFT Direct offers the convenience of installment (from 3-12 months) to your customers with full guarantee of funds to you. 

You no longer have to lose a sale because your customers do not have the funds immediately.

No check collection expense to you. This is what sets us apart from any other check guarantee company. 

For more information and a no-obligation proposal on a program tailored to your needs, contact us today.